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Professional high-end IT infrastructures 

Gassecry is the Swedish partner with RZ-Products


A  compact and flexible modular datacenter to protect your IT infrastructure and can be allocated within your company. It can  be equiped with fireprotection, UPS, montioring and cooling as an full scale DC.


A flexible datacenter module that can be located outdoor or indoor and is a fully equiped datacenter. It protects from unauthorized access, fire, dust and weather and easy to relocate if needed. Excellent for edge-datacenters.


Makes it possible to create a secure DC in existing buildings. DC-ITRoom is secure, flexible and removable. A simple way to convert old sites to new protected datacenters.


Hardware and software for monitoring  Data Centres fat distance. Keep tack of your energy data and availability to optimize costs.
RZproducts IT solutions are tested quality products “Made in Germany”.
This is assured by different test procedures of neutral institutions adjusted to invididual requirements of our customers.

Quality assured

Energy efficiency

Key hazard tested for maximum quality

Fire protection

RZ-Products  DC-ITRoom GranITe is tested and certified according to the most strict IT fire protective standards of EN 1047-2. , DC-ITSafe meets the requirements of the standard fire protection but also the compliance with the limit values of EN 1047-2 for 40 minutes.

Explosion protection for the worst case

RZ-Products DC-ITRoom has successfully the passed explosion test following EN 13123-2/13124-2 and is a milestone for physical security systems for the protection of IT infrastructures.

Access and burglar protection.

RZ-Products DC-ITRoom GranITe, DC-ITSafe and the DC-ITDataSafe are certified for resistance to manual burglary attempts according to EN 1627/1630 IT.

Water and dust protection

RZ-Products are proteted for dust and water and is  classified with the IP code 56 accorrding to EN 60529.